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Goddess Wisdom Circle is cast.....

Updated: Sep 13, 2018

Who are you BEing?  More importantly, is this truly reflective of the Truth of who you are?   The truth before you dimmed your sparkle due to your's and others' expectations? The truth your heart and soul aches for you to return to? Do you embody the Goddess who existed long before all the trauma, conditioning and life happened? That shit robs you of your confidence and your ability to manifest the life of your dreams.  You feel unworthy and unsure about the “right” path. Pssst…..there is no “right” fucking path, it's only ever been what your soul is calling you to.   You done playing small, wondering why life doesn't look or feel how you thought it should?  There is another way.  It is time to realign with the truth of who you are.  Reconnect to your feminine core and just fucking DO what really lights you up!  In the Goddess Wisdom Circle, you will finally get crystal clear on what you feel, you will finally hear your soul's whispers, and learn what it truly is you most desire.  You will finally know how to be your own greatest lover. Sister, IT IS TIME!  Yesterday is gone and tomorrow never comes.  13 weeks with me and 12 sisters, diving deep into the Sacred Container of the Goddess.  The truth, the healing, the embodiment, the sisterhood.   7 1:1 Feminine Intuition & Godess Wisdom Tarot & Oracle Coaching Calls/Readings 7 Group Coaching Calls on the Full & New MoonsWeekly Trainings, Meditations, ExercisesPrivate Facebook GroupExploration of the Goddess archetypes, chakras, crystals, feminine cycles & ancient healing practices, Tantra & Jñāna Yoga, breath work, jade eggs & sooooo much more!

Investment:  One-time payment $1111 through 9/22/18.  Price goes up to $2222 9/23/18. 4-month payment option available, $306/month. Valued over $4050

LET'S FUCKING DO THIS!!!  You are ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS taken care of.  Trust in the wisdom of your heart, she knows what you long for forever and always.

Goddess, it's time to rise up and dust yourself off. You were never meant to dim your sparkle and shine. Now is the time. Sisterhood is the way.

Single Payment Option

One-time $1111.00

Monthly Payment Option

4-month plan


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