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Goddess Guidance with Mandy Valpey

My Story

Goddess Guidance


Mandy is a Goddess Guide feminine intuition expert, she uses her gifts of empathy, compassion and her deep love of humanity to empower women to reconnect to the Goddess inside.  She helps them root into their feminine core, open their hearts and trust their innate wisdom so they may live juicier, more vibrant and joyful lives. Mandy’s background in psychology, empowering language, compassionate reflective listening, crystals, chakra balancing and tarot and oracle cards help her clients integrate body, heart, mind and spirit to stand fully in their power. She is certified in Tantra and Jñāna yoga and is a student and teacher of Course in Miracles, she’s studied and practiced yoga and Vipassana meditation in the United States and abroad.

Whole-Hearted Journey

Reflecting back your Goddess Nature

The status quo and the path you're on just doesn't resonate anymore.  Trauma, conditioning, external and internal expectations caused you to doubt the truth of your brilliance.  You forgot the greatest wisdom and most aligned answers come when you connect to your feminine core and listen to the gentle stirrings of your heart.  Your soul is always speaking to you, will you finally listen to her?  She's so ready and willing to illuminate your path.  You are never alone and you are ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS taken care of.

Home: Service

Goddess Wisdom Circle

Coming home to soul

Are you ready to take the deep dive into your feminine core? Join the sacred circle of sisters for 13-weeks of 1:1 Goddess Guidance coaching sessions, group calls on the full and new moons, weekly trainings, meditations, exercises, journal prompts inside the container of a private facebook where you'll get access to me and the other lovelies in the group!  The journey begins 10/24/18!


Goddess Guidance Reading/Session

Reconnect to your Feminine Core

The Goddess Guidance Readings/Sessions give an in-depth snapshot of where you are right now and what's possible for you when you release the blocks that have kept you small, stuck and stagnant for far too long! Mandy utilizes her expert knowledge of the interplay between masculine and feminine combined with years of empathic listening, well-honed intuition, knowledge of energy clearing methods and NLP to uncover and bust through those pesky patterns.  She helps you connect more deeply with the truth of who you are.

“To me, a witch is a woman that is capable of letting her intuition take hold of her actions, that communes with her environment, that isn't afraid of facing challenges.”

--Paulo Coelho

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P.O. Box 594
Pescadero, CA 94060

(916) 420-7964

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