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Goddess Wisdom Circle

Coming home to soul


How willing are you to sit in the discomfort in order for your dreams to come true?  I mean get really fucking uncomfortable.  Like seriously put your ass on the line and totally own your desire and be fucking patient.  SO FUCKING PATIENT.  UNTIL.  

Patient AND grateful for the opportunity to live the space of desire…..deep abiding desire…..where you actually see it, taste it, smell it, feel it in your bones.  Knowing how fucking close it is, knowing that this time you could actually have it all.  TOTAL FUCKING BLISS.  

So, you hold your breath.  And fucking wait.  And wonder.  And think of all the ways it could go so terribly and fantastically wrong.  Or right?  And wouldn’t it all just be perfect either way?  So here it is, now is the moment.  Feel into the discomfort.  And BREATHE.  Just breathe.  

Knowing whatever is meant to be will be and all you have to do is just show up.  Show up and listen to the stirrings of your soul.  Go where she leads you, say what she calls you to say.  And just SURRENDER.  Surrender in FAITH knowing and trusting that all is just perfect in this moment and in every moment.  

What if it could all just be this easy?  It is.  Like, it really really is.  When your dream comes from soul, there is literally nothing and no one that can stop it from being yours.  Except you, by buying into the story that you are not worthy of your greatest dreams.  BULL-FUCKING SHIT.  All day, every day.  COMPLETE FUCKING NONSENSE.

Oh Sister, that is not you.  That could never be you again, as scared as you may have been, your heart is screaming to you NOW.  She is calling you to so much more.  She is calling you home.  

13 weeks.  13 women.  Sacred circle. 



The discomfort is the pit stop on the way to BLISS.  It is yours.  It was always yours.  CLAIM IT, SISTER.

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